Nervous to start boarding school in the fall, Phineas is put at ease to discover at EXPLO what it's like to make new friends, learn new things, and to be away from home. 

I’m going to boarding school in the fall and I’m a little nervous. I definitely think EXPLO is preparing me for it, though. I’m just getting a sense of what it will feel like to take classes, and then just be able to relax with your friends sometimes and being away from home. I’ve made a bunch of new friends here. There is a guy named Javier who I really like — he’s a few doors down from me. I came here with my friend Jacob, and his roommate, Allen, is really funny. Javier is from the Dominican Republic and Allen is from China. My school isn’t very diverse so I’ve never been able to meet people like that. I really like being in this diverse setting. I feel like I am comfortable really talking about things that are important to me here because I have people that I’ve gotten to be comfortable with.  

I really like to listen to music.  J. Cole is my favorite artist and my favorite song is probably Deja Vu on his album “For My Eyes Only.”  He’s a really conscious rapper. He’ll rap about things that are really going on, like police brutality and all that stuff. I just really like listening to his music because he really approaches what’s happening in the world in a different way. I wish I saw that more. Especially in music, there are so many different kinds of artists. But I always really like conscious musicians who are raising awareness about what’s really going on in the world. It makes me think. I don’t usually talk about it, but I like how I can listen to the music and it feels like someone is just really talking to me about the issues. I wish more people did that.