Marina loves fashion — everything from styling friends to jewelry pairings to general aesthetics. This week, Marina practices that visual intuition in Photography, taking photos of the world and people the way a fashionista sees it. Keep reading to find out more about Marina and how EXPLO is going.

How do you like EXPLO?

I like it! I have a lot of friends here. I’m sad that it’s almost Week 3 — well, I’m happy, but I’m also sad because I’m going to miss all of my friends and these people I’ve met when it’s all over. Some of them live really far away from me. Everybody loves everybody here so I’ll miss it a lot.

My favorite part of EXPLO is the independence we have. I love going to The Ville (Bronxville) with my friends and walking around the campus together. 

What is one of your favorite memories so far at EXPLO?

Karaoke. It was so fun. I really hope we do it again. I loved singing along to all of the songs and going up on stage with all of my friends to do duets. I sang Love Is an Open Door with one of my friends. We got really into it. 

Oh! And it was really fun at the end when everybody went up on stage and started jumping around and singing super loud together.  

What’s your dream?

My dream is to live in New York. New York is one of my favorite places. I really like the buildings. Lights and stuff are my favorite. So, at night I find it really really really pretty. I think New York is somewhere I want to be when I’m older.