Kayla loves science and wants to pursue a career in one of the STEM fields, so she chose to explore Bacterial Epidemiology and Medical Careers at EXPLO this summer. 

I think it's amazing that more and more women are entering and thriving in the world of STEM. My mom and dad are both scientists. My dad reminds me all the time that women still aren't well-represented in the higher-up positions in STEM. But there are still so many more women going to college for science and going to medical school than they're used to be, and I think that's awesome. 

I would describe myself as supportive — I love hyping people up. I love hyping up my friends before they do something like performing or something they're worried about. I always remind them how amazing they are and how much I love them. That boost of confidence makes them feel good, which makes me feel good.

If I could have any superpower, it would be telekinesis because I could also fly — I could just lift myself up! I don't know if that's actually true, but I just made that loophole. But I'd be able to control other things, too, like stopping car crashes. I could help people, which is all I want to do.