Highlights of Zeke's first summer at EXPLO include triumphing at Trivia Night, discovering a critical piece of evidence in Criminal Investigations, exploring The Ville, and so much more. Read on for a peek into two of Zeke's interests: medicine and impressions!

What were you just doing in Medical Careers?

Today, we’re learning about emergency medicine in the ICU, which is the Intensive Care Unit. Just now, we were learning how to suture on fake skin pads. A suture is a kind of string that’s specifically designed for medical purposes. Certain types of sutures can actually dissolve, so the stitches don’t have to be taken off, they can just melt away. So, if someone had a gaping wound, we’re learning about how we could stitch it.

What intrigued you about this course?

I really like science-y things in general. My grandpa and my aunt are both doctors, and I’ve always kind of had an interest in medicine. I figured I would take this course and get a little sneak peek into the world of medicine, and I’ve really loved it.

Are there any other activities you've done in Medical Careers that you particularly enjoyed?

On the first day, we learned how to take vitals with things like a stethoscope and an oximeter. That was really cool. It was fun using the medical equipment, because when I get check-ups at the doctor, that’s the equipment they actually use.

What would you say makes EXPLO a unique place?

I think the most special thing about EXPLO is the people that go here. Not just my fellow students, but also the instructors here are really incredible, and they love what they do, and they’re so good at doing what they do.

What's something you're passionate about?

I love doing impressions. I have two I like to do: Jennifer Coolidge from Legally Blonde and the Kardashians.

Anything else you'd like to share with our blog readers?

I'm a Virgo!!!