Isabella reflects on her summer at EXPLO and explores how she can take the lessons she’s learned on campus and put them into action in her community at home.

At EXPLO I feel like I’ve become like much more of an extroverted person. The environment fosters this sort of vibe where you have to interact with people who are different from yourself and you learn so much in that way. The teachers all make you work in hands-on activities where you work together with everyone and they all treat you as a peer and as an equal.

EXPLO has helped me for my future by giving me a great grounding in some things I had an interest in that I wasn’t able to try before. Here at EXPLO I’m taking Forensic Science and Commercial Architecture. For workshops, I’ve gotten to take Fencing, Musical Theater, and Badminton. I really love them all for different reasons. I feel like all the teachers we have are very engaging and very knowledgeable in their fields. EXPLO is such a wonderful environment to try new things in. In Commercial Architecture, for instance, we had this project where we designed projects from scratch, working exactly as an architect would with grid paper, T-rulers, X-ACTO knives, sharp pencils, and all of those things. We actually just finished building our models with cardboard and we’ll be displaying them tomorrow at Explosé

I hope to take away a lot from EXPLO. If I had to choose one thing, it would be taking away a sense of generosity that I’ve found here. I think I can bring that back home. A lot of the time at school, I’m usually very focused on my work and on myself, but I really hope that I can look beyond myself and try to help other people more. I’m planning to join some of the homework clubs at school and teach others that may be struggling in something that I am more comfortable with. I really just want to do anything where I can help my friends and the people around me because EXPLO has made me want to be a better person.