Before he came to EXPLO, Jay aspired to break into the music industry someday. Now, he feels inspired to open an EXPLO-like school of his own.

I've loved being here and making a lot of friends, having a lot of fun, and eating scrambled eggs every morning. I got to meet so many new people and experience new things. I’ve never met people like this in my whole life. The people that come to EXPLO are really nice, friendly, caring, happy, and more. They are just such good people.

EXPLO is so different from any other place.  At school, we sit at desks for seven hours a day, we don’t get many breaks, it’s boring, and the food is awful. When I came to EXPLO, I was a little nervous that it would feel like school. But EXPLO is completely different — I want to open my own school just like it. Students will have more freedom, more time to get to and from their classes, it’ll be beautiful and clean, and there will be awesome food. EXPLO has amazing chefs. There will be no bullying allowed at my school. It will be a place where you just get to come, feel safe, meet different people, and learn in a fun way. Staff is also really important. EXPLO has the best staff. I will find the best teachers that I can find that just really care, like they do here.

I hadn’t even thought of wanting to do something like that until I came to EXPLO. If that idea comes to life, it’s because I was inspired to make it happen by coming to EXPLO.