Emma and Katya are a dynamic duo who are self-proclaimed 'friend expanders.' They make it a point to make new friendships here at EXPLO while keeping their own friendship strong.

Emma: We're from the same town.

Katya:  We have the same birthday!

Emma:  We go to the same school...

Katya: ...and we're in the same grade.

Emma: It's fun because we always manage to find each other in different places.

Katya: We actually had no idea the other was coming to EXPLO. We didn't know until we were on the bus on the way here.

Emma: Our favorite thing to do together is to make friends.

Katya: Yeah, sometimes I'll make a friend with someone and she'll end up making friends with the same person and then we're all friends!

Emma: We came to EXPLO as friends, made new friends, and then introduced them to each other.

Katya: Our friend group basically expanded — we're like, I don't know, friend-expanders! We've gotten to meet people from all over here: New York, Texas, and even China!

Emma: And Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico...

Katya: They tell you all about their culture! It's so cool.