Creativity and Curiosity: Universal Keys to Engaged Learning

Partnership with Agastya Foundation explores how EXPLO curriculum can support economically disadvantaged students in rural India

by Communications Staff

Demystifying College Admission

We live in an era where students are consumed by checklists: taking the SATs, navigating GPAs, and designing a schedule to fit all of their extracurriculars in any given Wednesday.

By Communications Staff

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

How can parents ensure their kids make friends that will help them flourish and grow? Choose the right environment.

by Melissa Patricio

Update on COVID-19

As you have likely heard, colleges and universities (and some schools) across the U.S. are about to go on their regular spring break — two weeks vacation in most instances — and many have asked their students not to return after break. Instead, the institutions will move to online learning in an...

An Update from EXPLO President Moira Kelly | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With concerns swirling about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I wanted to let you know how EXPLO is approaching this outbreak and provide information on how we’ve handled similar situations in the past, lessons learned, and how we are prepared for the summer. Our highest priority has been, and always will...

Does Your Summer Camp Check These Boxes? Must-Haves for a Life-Changing Summer Camp

Summer camp means something different to every camper.

How Summer Camp Can Help With Summer Brain Drain and Boredom

Has anyone ever told you your brain is a muscle, and if you don’t keep it in shape, it will atrophy? Anatomically, this is absolutely false; the brain is not a muscle, but a complex arrangement of nerve cells. But there is an underlying kernel of truth to the sentiment. Brains — especially growing...

Why Enroll Your Child in a Life-Changing Summer Camp

There are plenty of reasons you might send your child to summer camp: to help them make friends, for exercise and fresh air, to give them a break, to give yourself a break, because you heard good things about a particular program … and the list goes on. But often, parents choose summer camp for the...

How to Find a Life-Changing Summer Camp: Search Tips

Summer camp can be so much more than a vacation. The right summer camp can dramatically expand your teen’s perspective, invigorate their curiosity, ignite their creativity, and awaken them to their own limitless potential. Summer camp can be a joyful time for discovery and a chance for your teen to...

The 4 Elements of a Life-Changing Summer Camp

How much can a life change in just a few weeks? As it turns out, quite a bit. Any moment might alter the trajectory of a life. But more often than not, real transformation comes from that special combination of opportunity and environment. An individual’s entire worldview can shift from being in...

5 Things Your Teen’s Summer Camp May Be Missing

Teenagers are, to put it mildly, not the most communicative bunch. Your mileage may vary, but for many parents, prying more than a few sentences out of a teen is always a challenge.

Weekly Edventure #29: Pickling And Its Unlikely Connection To The Creative Process

Weekly Edventure #28: More Than A Game

A board game can feel a lot like an entire universe resting on your kitchen table. Its rules can extend beyond the natural laws of physics, beget creatures you’ve never even dreamed of, or ask you to play the role of a character completely out of, well, character.