For Richard Steele Scholar Malachai, EXPLO is putting him one step closer toward his goal of working in the medical field through hands-on exploration. 

There was a scholarship for one student from my entire county to come to EXPLO. We all had to have a certain GPA before we were considered, and then we had to each write five essays. I had the best essays, so I won the scholarship to come to EXPLO.

The experience has been nothing short of amazing. The classes are really hands on. We don't just all sit in front of a white board while we listen to a teacher lecture for hours. We are actually doing the work and learning as we are doing. Take, for example, my Surgical Interventions class. We were dissecting the heart of a cat and we knew this cat had died from cancer — but then we found the actual tumor that killed this cat and it was such a great learning experience.

I am looking to go into the medical field because I have always had the passion to help people. Medical school will obviously have to come first, so for now I volunteer at my town's local food bank and I also do community service at a local day care in my town. I just want to help people, and being here at EXPLO is providing me with the necessary tools to be able to do that.