Alina came to EXPLO to continue exploring a deep-rooted interest in psychology and behavior — a perfect match for her new venture into Acting and Directing.

I'm taking Personality and Behavioral Psychology because I was taking it at home, and I'm really into it. I normally do a course on psychology every summer, so I'm keeping up with it here this year. I'm interested in psychology because I'm interested in how the brain work in different ways for different people — because everyone has a different personality and that all goes back to behavior. I looked into psychology more for the behavioral part. I look into how different people react to different things based on their personality, and if they are introvert of extrovert and things like that. I love my class here. We learn a lot, but we also have fun. I think it's a more effective way of learning because then I remember a lot from the class.

I'm also taking the Acting and Directing class here. I did that back home as well. I'm more into the acting part, but I love directing just as much. With acting, you have to absorb the notes the director gives you during rehearsals; with directing, you give the notes and you have to put things in the right place and in the right way to bring the image you have in your head onto the stage.