In this brief interview, Marco discusses bonding with his living group and classmates. He talks about how they spend their time out of class, playing games and getting closer as a small family.

Let's begin by telling me a bit about yourself and your living group.

My name is Marco. I’m in Woodman, part of the Engineering group. We like to play a lot. We go to the gym and play frisbee. We do a lot of ga-ga ball. Sometimes we come together in the suite or the lounge and chill there or play video games. We’re a nice little family, but maybe that’s a weird way to put it.

What’s it like sharing your classroom with those same people? 

I like it. I’m not the best at paying attention or anything during class. But here it's easier. Whenever I’m getting to the point where I'm losing focus, I always have someone to help me get back into it, or someone to ask if I need help. It's a nice environment, to say the least.

Are you happy with everything you’ve accomplished in this week and a half?

I like the things I’ve done here, yeah. I’m actually coming back for another session next week. So this isn’t the end for me. And I expect to come back next year. I'm not the academic type, but I love the summer camp vibe.

Anything you would like to accomplish on your last day here?

I feel like I just want to have another good day. Another last day to spend with all my friends, and then make sure it ends on a good note. I'm not gonna leave these people without something good. I want to leave everyone here with a great impression so that we could all meet up in the future, either in my town or someone else’s.

What wisdom would you give to someone who is going to be here for the first time on Sunday?

Recognize that the counselors are also people. Especially my SN, the person in charge of my living area, Louis. I’d love to give him a quick shoutout because he is quite possibly my favorite person that I've met at EXPLO. He's nice and calm. He's collected. He's an amazing counselor, and I feel like he is going to have a great future.

What Concentration will you be switching to next week?

I'm taking Business next session. I'm doing business and engineering, mainly because those are the two fields I'm the most interested in. That's actually how I learned about EXPLO. I wanted to find a way to develop my interests. And this camp seemed perfect. They offered the things I wanted to do at a perfect time. So my parents and I decided that this would be a good camp for me to attend.