Third year EXPLO student Gabi is making the most of her time at Yale,  pursuing her interest in computer programming from varying perspectives. 

I've been to EXPLO for three years. This is my first year at Yale, and before this I've been to Wellesley for two years. I'm really happy at this point because I finally got Dunkin' Donuts for the first time in three weeks with my friends! But really, the classes and workshops I'm taking are so amazing. I've also learned how to be more independent and take care of myself more.

At EXPLO, I realized that you should take classes you want to take; do what you are passionate about and not what you feel forced to do. Right now, I'm very passionate about programming. I'm taking the Computer Programming + Processing and Cybersecurity courses here and I really enjoy them. 

In Programming, we are learning about processing, which is a system based off Java. I learned a lot about Java without really knowing it because Java is a hard language. In Cybersecurity, we are learning about hacking and logs. So I learned a lot about both how to build the programs and how to hack into systems. The good thing about taking both at the same time is that I get to learn both the in and out of what I'm looking at, so I'm not confused on one front.