Creativity and Curiosity: Universal Keys to Engaged Learning

Partnership with Agastya Foundation explores how EXPLO curriculum can support economically disadvantaged students in rural India

by Communications Staff

Demystifying College Admission

We live in an era where students are consumed by checklists: taking the SATs, navigating GPAs, and designing a schedule to fit all of their extracurriculars in any given Wednesday.

By Communications Staff

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

How can parents ensure their kids make friends that will help them flourish and grow? Choose the right environment.

by Melissa Patricio

Where Learning Mirrors Life: Teaching + Learning at EXPLO

“EXPLO embodies MIT’s motto, mens et manus, or mind + hand, echoing the ideal of promoting education for practical application. EXPLO’s motto adds spiritus — spirit and heart — capturing the joy of learning that EXPLO tries to spark with each child every summer”. — Brian Hughes, EXPLO Employee #01,...

Why Enroll Your Child in a Life-Changing Summer Camp

There are plenty of reasons you might send your child to summer camp: to help them make friends, for exercise and fresh air, to give them a break, to give yourself a break, because you heard good things about a particular program … and the list goes on. But often, parents choose summer camp for the...

5 Things Your Teen’s Summer Camp May Be Missing

Teenagers are, to put it mildly, not the most communicative bunch. Your mileage may vary, but for many parents, prying more than a few sentences out of a teen is always a challenge.

3 Things the Best Educational Summer Camps Have in Common

Sometimes it seems as if the world is obsessed with best. Why does every pizza place claim to have “the best slice in the city?” Why do we fall into intense arguments about who is the best quarterback of all time? Or the best basketball player? Or the best guitarist? Why do we pour through online...

Summer Camp Search Tips: What is the Best Staff-to-Student Ratio?

It’s human nature to want to reduce everything to numbers so that when we have to make a decision, we can compare our options side-by-side. Buying a new laptop? Just compare hard drive capacities. Want to know how efficient a car is? Just look at miles-per-gallon. When we’re choosing summer camps...

5 Pro Tips to Find the Best Educational Summer Camp

How can you possibly choose a summer camp for your child with any level of confidence? According to the most recent estimates, there are over 14,000 camps in the United States. That’s more than there are colleges and universities (between 4,000 and 5,000, depending on how you count), and we all...

5 Strategies for Evaluating Psychology Summer Camps

Whether your teen is thinking of majoring in psychology in college, planning a psychology-based career, or is simply fascinated by the human mind (and who isn’t?), academic summer camps are among the best opportunities to explore the field. Thanks to modern technology and the dedicated efforts of...

4 Teaching Strategies That Academic Summer Camps Use

The leaders of the country’s best educational camps and summer programs aren’t just camp counselors and administrators; they’re committed educators. They know you’ve put your trust in them to guide your child along a journey of exploration and discovery, sparking new interests, creativity, and a...

How Educational Summer Camps Benefit Child Development

What skills and character traits will your child need to succeed in the world of tomorrow? It’s hard to imagine what the future will bring, as even now, change driven by technological, economic, social, and climatic forces continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. But we have a few hints.

Mission Training: Exploratory Robotics at EXPLO

As the grainy particles settle, the picture comes into focus, slowly. Wide swaths of sand paint the unfamiliar terrain in soft arcs and waves. She inches the Mars Rover forward with a gentle push of the toggle; in turn, the image on the screen reflects back this forward movement. The human engineer...