"EXPLO is one of the first places where Alison really stepped up and started advocating for others... that was for her a start in real confidence, in terms of [Alison thinking]  'This is how I should behave as a citizen of the world.'"

Christine and Brett Rogers, parents of three Exploration students discuss how EXPLO has helped their children find the confidence to advocate for others, face problems head on, calculate effective and worthwhile risk-taking, and transform themselves.

What We're Reading (and Watching)


At EXPLO, we encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning — which means we are constantly doing our own studying up, reading on, or relearning the concepts that we teach throughout the summer. Here are some fun links that we've been recently reading on building confidence:


EXPLO's curriculum is built around experiences — in an environment where in-class investigations are just as important as out-of-class explorations.

At EXPLO, confidence-building takes many shapes, forms, exercises, and events.  Just a few EXPLO experiences Alison and other students have tried that help to build confidence in a summer at EXPLO include:

  • Weekend Trip: Test your courage at Tree Top Adventures Zipline + Ropes Course (grades 4-7, 8+9, 10-12)
  • Course: Navigate through concepts of compassion and empathy in Social Psychology (grades 8+9, 10-12)
  • Course: Learn how to advocate on behalf of (or against) the legal system in Mock Trial (grades 4-7, 8+9, 10-12)
  • Main Event: Showcase a new skill on the historic stage of Schubert Theater (over 100 years old!) at EXPLOpalooza Night  (grades 10-12)
  • Club: Stand up on behalf of your neighborhood in Community Service Club (grades 8+9, 10-12)
  • Student Life: Encounter world-views — and stretch your own — at breakfast with your residential advisory (grades 4-7, 8+9, 10-12)
  • Workshop: Confidently and effectively interrogate your suspect as a detective in the Great Case of EXPLO’s Murder Mystery (grades 4-7)