When we think about going on an adventure, we imagine an exciting experience with some potentially risky undertaking. In a classic sense, adventure can feel like scaling mountains in far-off regions, trying a food you never would have said yes to, or scuba diving 20-some meters under the sea. At its core, adventure can feel a lot like allowing yourself to commit to uncertainty with an open heart and a willingness to learn and engage. 

Now, we’re not saying that our new Weekly Edventure blog series is going to have you swimming with the sharks, but it’s definitely going to encourage you to put on your proverbial explorer hat and investigate something new with us.

What Is EXPLO's Weekly Edventure?

Weekly Edventure is our way of highlighting philosophical lessons from thought leaders within our network. You'll hear from people like Pulitzer Prize winner James Forman, New York University’s “Science of Happiness” Professor Dan Lerner, and New York Times best-seller Kelly Corrigan, to name a few. These big-hearted humans support EXPLO’s mission, and are collectively raising the bar in education to make room for self-discovery and creative risk-taking. With topics ranging from bravery and action to honesty and hard work, experts give advice on ways we can begin to live a more courageous life — both in and outside of the classroom. 

Weekly Edventure also shares interesting content that is currently inspiring our own work at the Exploration Center — whether that's lessons from educational thought leaders outside of our network, new board games (often suggested by Elliot Targum, Head of EXPLO at Wellesley and game aficionado), recommended book lists, and life hacks.

How Can You Join Us On Our Weekly Edventure?

This blog series is a great resource for families to spark conversation around how to apply each week’s theme. Like any practice (sports, academics, friendships), mindful adventure is a practice too. We encourage you to practice what you learn — maybe next week you'll challenge yourself to take more chances, engage in conversation with peers who might have different opinions than you, or step out of your comfort zone.

With topics ranging from bravery and action to honesty and hard work, experts give advice on ways we can begin to live a more courageous life.

Additionally, it's a great tool to learn more about all of the discreet ways EXPLO’s core mission is woven into the summer programs curriculum. Wonder why we offer a Super Secret Spy Society Class or encourage kids to try indoor skydiving on the weekend? In Weekly Edventure, you'll find out our motivation behind why we do what we do to make each summer a unique and enriching experience for our families.

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