Well-traveled Ria describes herself as adventurous and curious — two traits she'll cultivate here at EXPLO. 

This is my first summer at EXPLO. I had no idea what it was until one of the college counselors at my school found it and recommended it for me. I'm most excited about being on the Wellesley campus and getting to explore the area. I'm also looking forward to meeting all of these new people!

I'm in the Startup Entrepreneurship Focus Program. A lot of my family is into finance and business, and I thought it would be cool to see what it's all about. By the end of the session, I hope I'll know more about business and entrepreneurship in general, and that I open my horizons more to different classes and passions.

My favorite thing about myself is that I've been to and know a lot about so many different places in the world. My family travels all the time. The memories I've made when visiting other countries are really important to me. The coolest place I've visited was Singapore; it was like a cooler, cleaner version of New York City. I actually just got back from Spain about two days ago. It was intense and amazing.

Someone I think is extremely inspiring is Rosa Parks. I did a project on her in school and learned about how she was such a big part in the Civil Rights movement and how hard she fought for what she believed in.