Yat Hei, Rosi and Xinlin found lasting friendship here at EXPLO. They live and learn from their living group experience, trying new things, and overcoming challenges in their everyday life.

Xinlin: Me and Rosi met two years ago at Wellesley. We were in the same living group.

Rosi: There was this drawing table before entering the tower, and I was drawing because I like drawing.

Xinlin: I was awkward at the time, so I was like, "wow what a beautiful unicorn!"

Rosi: And I was like "thank you!" (even though it was ugly). And that's how we met and became good friends. 

Xinlin: Also because we were both foreigners in America, so we have a lot to connect with each other.

Yat Hei: And me and Xinlin met because we are in the same living groups here, so we become friends.

Rosi: Living in a living groups is fun because you make friends and they are kind of like family because you live with them all the time. 

Xinlin: We are really far away from home. In a living group, you can feel safe and secure because you have people around you, and you know them and you can talk with them about your bad days.

Yat Hei: In my living group, I learned to be independent. Because no one will pack our things for us. This is quite a challenge for me because I've been living with my mom and dad and they help me with many things.

Rosi: Something I feel like I achieved here is that I conquered most of my fear of heights. I went to the adventure park with my friends and everything was really tall and challenging. I feel very proud, overcoming that.

Xinlin: I'm taking the stage makeup workshop and it's something I've never done before. We made these wounds. It was so cool!

Yat Hei: I got to learn about DJing. It's really cool because it's the first time I mixed songs together in a very cool way. I've always been interested in it before and I get to try it here. I will continue doing it as a hobby in the future!