Junior Will wants to give back and positively impact others' lives like someone once did for him. His experiences at EXPLO have helped him open up and learn to trust others.

In my future, I’d really like to be helping troubled youth. I was a troubled youth myself, and the people that helped me were real people. They had passion for it and they actually cared for the kids like me. I appreciated all the time I spent in my youth dedicated to this and I still think about it today — it made a huge impact on my life. So what I’m trying to do is to give back to the people who helped me by passing it on to younger generations.

After going through something like I did, you realize anyone could be going through something similar. It could be half the kids at school or anyone at EXPLO being affected by the same thing — or different struggles — and you would not even know it.

I'm interested in what makes people the way they are — as in how they act, why they do it — which is why I’m taking Personality and Behavioral Psychology here. Everyone has different personalities and they behave differently depending on there they come from. Especially here at EXPLO, with such a large international population, being able to understand others gives you a little vision into the inner workings of their mind.

My time at EXPLO has made me realize I can put a little more trust in people. I don’t have to hide everything or keep secrets locked away inside me. With the people here, you can be open with them and they’ll respect you.