Philo from California likens the EXPLO community to the atmosphere he feels at basketball games — full of passion and inspiration, with a supportive group of people always cheering you on. 

People here are talkative, but in a good way. Everyone makes it easy to get to know each other because there are no inhibitions about people sharing their stories. I really like that about this program because it's not just similar people talking about themselves; that would be easy and there would be no challenged opinions. This place has people from all over, all unabashedly telling their stories, and I think it is great.

Having a space in which you are among people who have the same energy and drive as you is really good to have. It reminds me of the environment one finds in the basketball arenas. I used to play soccer from when I was young, and that was okay. But recently I got into basketball and man, when I tell you the atmosphere is different in those arenas, I mean it. There is a passion and a drive that you can feel among the people supporting the players and their respective teams. It really is inspiring and I find that I feel the same way here amongst my peers.

Everyone here is driven and passionate about anything they are doing. As an individual here, you have no choice but to be passionate because you are constantly inspired by those around you. I am beginning to understand the energy the basketball players feel on the court through my interactions with people here. Inspiration is contagious, and EXPLO has taught me that.