Fourth time EXPLO student Nishka has taken a lot of courses and workshops over the years, but none have dazzled her quite as much as Surgical Interventions (where, yes, you really do a dissection).

This is my fourth year here. I keep coming back because I miss all the friends I make here so much and it is always great to see them. The opportunities here are also so endless and I really feel like I am learning so much more than I do in a year of school back at home.

I have had many courses that I have loved here at EXPLO, but my favorite one has to be the Surgical Interventions class I am taking now. Honestly, my mind is blown every time I am in that class. I have always loved surgical stuff but this is my first time doing it and it just interests me so much. I sometimes find myself in class wondering, "Wow, am I actually doing this? Am I actually dissecting a cat?" It has been such a valuable and in-depth introduction to surgical work and I am so glad I get to do it.

I want to be a surgeon in the future. Specifically pediatrics because I love children. Nobody really talks about the stress that comes with working in medicine, but I have seen firsthand how unhappy a lot of surgeons are. I think working with kids will help me maintain a balance. Kids bring a smile to my face and I love working with them, so hopefully that will keep me going as a surgeon, even on the tough days.