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Jul 07, 2012 Exploration Programs English Immersion Emergency Medicine Orthopedics + Sports Medicine Alumni News Veterinary Science Foreign Affairs Grades 8-10

Explo: Friday Night Links

Want to get a taste of Explo — all in one post? Here are a few highlights from this past ...

Lisa Merlini

Want to get a taste of Explo — all in one post? Here are a few highlights from this past week.


How To Use Explo Live



Explo: Moving Out of Our Warehouse

Explo at St. Mark's: "Call Me Maybe" — A Music Video

Explo at St. Mark's: Film Canister Rocket Launch

Explo at St. Mark's: Top Secret Message


Photo Slideshows

Explo at Yale: Arrival Day

Explo at Yale: Main Event — Sports Center of Connecticut

Explo at Yale: All the World's a State — Guerrilla Theater

Explo at Yale: Living Group Time

Explo at Yale: Crew Clinic

Explo at Wellesley: So You Want to Be a Doctor? — Medical Careers

Explo at Wellesley: Staying Alive — Wilderness Survival

Explo at Wellesley: Black + White + Read All Over — Illustrating a Graphic Novel

Explo at Wellesley: Fourth of July Fireworks

Explo at Wellelsey: Workshop — Stage Combat

Explo at St. Mark's: Improv — Ready, Set... Act!

Explo at St. Mark's: Evening Activities + Main Event — Staff Improv

Explo at St. Mark's: Science of Bubbles Workshop

Explo at St. Mark's: Faces in a Frame

Explo at St. Mark's: Model Rocketry



Explo at Yale: Sarah from Virginia

Explo at Wellesley: Gabriela from Puerto Rico

Explo at St. Mark's: Izzy from Massachusetts


News & Events

Explo at Wellesley: Chemistry — When is a Candle a Candle?

Explo at Wellesley: Medical Careers (It's all in the Wrist)

Explo at St. Mark's: Secret Spies (Be Very, Very Quiet)

Explo at St. Mark's: Aerodynamics — Egg Drop

Explo at Yale: Biomechanics of Sport (Anatomy of a Pitch)

Dean of Students Welcomes Parents to Explo at Wellesley



Explo at Yale: "I love the way a real book smells. Do we have any other book smellers here?"

Explo at Yale: "That guy just said, 'It's so hot out I might have to change my pants.' That could be the plot of the next big film right there!"

Explo at Wellesley: "Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant, and to face the challenge of change."

Explo at St. Mark's: "Today we'll be learning some Shakespearean vocabulary. Does anybody know what a 'knotty-pated hedge-pig' is?"

Explo at St. Mark's: "Atoms have a lot of energy, remember? So buzz around the room and find the element yours matches with to create a balanced ionic bond."

Explo at St. Mark's: "We should totally do that! My family, your family — let's all go camping together!"

Lisa Merlini

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