What does returning staff member Casey love about EXPLO? There's a a place for everyone in this community, and celebrating our differences is what connects us to each other.

When I saw that there was a posting for someone to teach the Henna workshop at EXPLO, it felt like fate. I am excited to explore the history of Henna more through this workshop and not just focus on the art of it. I think a big concern for me, coming from a background where Henna is not part of my culture, was to not be culturally insensitive. I did extensive research with my Curriculum Advisor, and I ensured that I was well-informed about that history and culture, as well as practiced in the technique and art aspect. This is something that I think EXPLO encourages: to be wholly knowledgeable about a subject.

I really respect the way people at EXPLO are — how people of different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities are all able to get energized and enthusiastic. There is a space for all kinds of people at EXPLO. Often, it seems like the extrovert is perfect for this job, but the introverted people have an important role, too — those are the people who can make those connections in a more quiet way with students and perform those more subtle duties of the job. But neither is any better than the other. EXPLO, like the world, is full of many different types of people. The people here at EXPLO are from all over the world, from different backgrounds and cultures, and are just wholly different people with different personalities. There is a staff member that could match any kind of student need. EXPLO would not be what it is if every staff member or student was the same.