First time EXPLO student Jacqui loves the team building and leadership skills she's acquired here at the program — both inside and outside the classroom.

My two courses this session were Advertising + Marketing and Criminal Justice. I really enjoyed the business aspect of my Advertising + Marketing, and I definitely hope to do an internship next year in which I can use the skills I learned. My favorite part of the course was the fact that we had a project to work on and a goal. It really drove me to do my best in the class and I was always excited to go because I knew there was real work to be done.

Working in a group also taught me great people skills. Although we had different ideas we were able to reach a compromise that worked for everyone. The hardest part was probably the delegation of work. It's always hard to figure out who will do what and how much load everyone will carry, but I can definitely say that after this experience, I am better equipped at dealing with task delegations in a group setting.

I have always loved sports, so I took two sports workshops this session: Basketball and Tennis. I was always active as a child and I did dance, but as I entered middle school I found that I preferred sport to dance. The team aspect in sports really draws me because when you win, you have people there with you to celebrate those moments. I also feel like sports really challenges my mind in how it thinks. There is a certain IQ you build when you engage in team sports because you are having to navigate a game alongside other minds that think differently than you, and in doing that you really boost the way your mind thinks.

After EXPLO, I am working at a summer camp that I used to attend. There are definitely things that I learned here at EXPLO that will make me work better with the kids there. There are a lot of international students at the camp, and being at EXPLO has really allowed me to learn how to navigate spaces in which different opinions and different cultures are living together, so I definitely think I will find working there much easier.