Zakir is an athlete who is discovering his inner artist this summer.  Whether on the field or in the art studio, he is ready to take on a new adventure.

I’m really adventurous and I’m not afraid to try new things. I’ve gotten to try new things in the Art Room here this summer. I’ve never necessarily loved art, but I discovered recently that it’s something I really like and I want to continue doing. Going to the Art Room is just one of the many things that you can do here during your Independent Time and my friends really wanted to go. I went because I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new. I’ve been creating some paintings and making portraits. I’ve done one of myself and all my friends. My favorite one is of my friend, Kevin. I’m going to take my favorite ones home, where I will want to take art classes and maybe stay after school to work with the art teacher more.

If I could make a portrait of anyone, I might do one of Kris Bryant. He’s a baseball player from the Chicago Cubs. I’m not a fan of the team at all, but I just really admire him specifically. I’m not a Yankees fan either, despite living in New York, because I was actually born in St. Louis and I moved to New York when I was five years old. So I’m definitely a Cardinals fan… living in New York and admiring a Chicago Cubs player.

Baseball is probably one of my favorite sports. It’s either baseball or hockey. At home I play baseball, hockey, football, and tennis. I watch and play a lot of sports. I love how fast hockey is and how quickly the game can change. With baseball, I love how competitive it can be and how smart you need to be when thinking of a strategy. I started playing sports with my dad when I was really young. He was a season ticket holder for the Blues and the Cardinals, but he never got to play. His desire to play always influenced me. I play with him a lot.

I think on paper, art and sports don’t seem very similar. If you are upset or angry you can show that with how you draw or play. At the end of the day, you are expressing yourself, whether it be on a piece of paper or on the field.