Weekly Edventure #23: Know Your Strengths

Have you ever been good at something but you had no passion for it? Straight A’s in biology but you want to spend all your free time jamming out to cover songs of AC/DC? Or, you’re the high school track star but the idea of pursuing it as a career makes you want to shrivel up and cry. 

It’s a funny little reminder to notice that sometimes the things you are good at aren’t necessarily your strengths and the things you are bad at, well, aren’t necessarily your weaknesses either.

When thinking about your strengths, instead of thinking about what you excel at, think about what strengthens you. By discovering and honing in on what strengthens you, you can learn to work more effectively in groups, navigate questions like "what's next," and, ultimately, more easily expand your life —  where exploring is sought with fervency. 

I encourage you to watch the video above, where Richard Light, Harvard Professor and EXPLO grandparent, makes some interesting connections about knowing your strengths when it comes to collaboration, risk-taking, and not taking life too seriously.



Explore books, articles, games, and songs that may help you find what strengthens you:.

The biggest reason an N.F.L. coach may shy away from the two-point conversion is that they don't believe in the strength of their team — even though statistics say that that very play gives you the greatest chance of winning the game

- On character strengths: kindness

- Children's book author Dallas Clayton on adjusting your personal "thrive equation" accordingly

- Getting immersed in work you love is all about finding the balance between “way too easy” and “breaking a sweat"

- A lesson on the strength of community from an unlikely source: army ants

- Vulnerability“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”



- Weekend Trip: Test your strength on this weekend trip to Tree Top Adventures Zipline + Ropes Course (grades 4-7, 8+9, 10-12)

- Course: Navigate concepts of character strengths and weakness in Behavioral Neuroscience (grades 10-12)

- Main Event: Showcase a new skill on stage in front of your peers from over 40 different countries on EXPLO Talent Show Night (grades 4-7)

Workshop: Learn different ways of storytelling your own personal journey through Personal Essay Writing workshop (grades 8+9)




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