Weekly Edventure #24: Going With Gravity

We’ve pretty much all heard it. And we’ve definitely all said it. The kind of advice that’s orbited planet earth since the beginning of humankind. That simple phrase that invites you to attempt a vague, absolutely near-impossible task uttered by every parent, every friend, and every inner voice:

Stop caring what other people think of you. 

(Or what other neanderthals think of you if we’re choosing to go back that far.)

It’s great advice, no doubt. But we also know that it can be ridiculously hard — especially because many of us are taught to cross-reference everything about our interests and work for external approval. Which is why we wanted to investigate it in this week’s Weekly Edventure.

We sat down with J.V. Hart, American screenwriter for several feature films, including Bram Stoker's Dracula, Hook, Tuck Everlasting, Contact and Muppet Treasure Island, and asked him how he has combatted this in life — this idea of doing what you love without caring what other people think about it.

To Hart, it’s all about going with gravity

When we follow that inexplicable pull to [insert any] subject, craft, or hobby — independent of others — we allow ourselves to re-establish a connection to our inner promptings. It’s those little urges and nudges and small signs which help us unlock our interests.

Some call it fate. Some call it destiny. If you need a little more scientific grounding, you can call it what psychologist Carl Jung did: our inner consciousness happening outside. 

Jung also reminds us that going with gravity can often be non-linear when it comes to finding what we love: “The right way to wholeness is made up of fateful detours and wrong turnings.” Sometimes our gravity pulls in a direction we discover is not a good fit long term. But Jung assures us that the pull is bringing us closer to understanding self — one with clarity about what we love, no matter what other people think.



Explore books, articles, games, and songs that may help you find your gravitational pull:

- Podkletnov withdrew the article. His university evicted him. He retreated from the public eye. And 20 years later, people are finally starting to take his work seriously. This is a perfect article about a Russian scientist who followed his gut about the potential of anti-gravity.

-  Reflection Prompt: Locate the dissonance between the person you think you are and the person other people see

- Never feel embarrassed bringing your atypical interests out into the public. Crocheting at an Oklahoma-Kansas football game.

- A metaphorically rich idea of heading in one direction to arrive somewhere else entirely connects: the gravitational slingshot of oceanic and why ancient Pacific mariners were the NASA scientists of their day

- Natural destiny. An aquatic GIF that got me in the feels.

- "In this world, we can do many things. Make sure to say no, unless they really matter." David Hieatt Lecture Series, Stop Caring What Other People Think. 

A sleeping octopus has hopes and dreams too

- If your curious to learn a little more about J.V. Hart, check out his HartChart program, a proven story mapping tool for serious writers working in T.V., film, novels, and plays



- Course: Receive a formal critique about your latest play from J.V. Hart in Acting + Directing (grades 10-12)

Weekend Trip: Physics is more than just gravity. Learn about the thermodynamics of glass in action at the Diablo Glass Blowing Studio — where you'll not only make masterpieces out of glass, but become comfortable in shattering them as well (grades 8+9)

- Elective: Want to know how psychology governs your behavior with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and romantic involvements? Improve your understanding of how to relate to others in Personality and Behavioral Psychology (grades 10-12).

-Workshop:Brave the slopes around Peacock Pond as you navigate the physics of momentum and velocity in Street Luge (grades  4-7)




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