Veterinary Science (3)

Creativity and Curiosity: Universal Keys to Engaged Learning

Partnership with Agastya Foundation explores how EXPLO curriculum can support economically disadvantaged students in rural India

by Communications Staff

Demystifying College Admission

We live in an era where students are consumed by checklists: taking the SATs, navigating GPAs, and designing a schedule to fit all of their extracurriculars in any given Wednesday.

By Communications Staff

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

How can parents ensure their kids make friends that will help them flourish and grow? Choose the right environment.

by Melissa Patricio

Talking About Newtown: A Resource Guide

By Moira Kelly, Executive Director of Explo

Explo Executive Director Joins the Debates

Explo's Executive Director and President traveled around the country as a part of the production team for the Commission on Presidential Debates. Back at Explo Headquarters, our team launched Join the Debates in an effort to engage high school students in conversation about world issues.

Explo Alum Gives Timely Ted Talk

Former Explo faculty member Greg Cooper, currently a U.S. history and government teacher at Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, Florida, recently gave a powerful talk as a part of regional Ted Talks, located on the Ransom Everglades campus.

Our New Faculty Hiring Site is Live!

First Join the Debates a Success

We didn’t just watch the debates at Explo. We launched a global discussion — with high school students. Our project is called Join the Debates, and we hope you will check it out and join us for the next one.

Explo: Week One Highlights

Curious to see what Explo students have been up to? Scroll down for a sneak peak.

Explo: Monday Morning Links

Want to get a taste of Explo — all in one post? Here are a few highlights from this past week.

Explo: Friday Night Links

Want to get a taste of Explo — all in one post? Here are a few highlights from this past week.

EXPLO: Moving Out of Our Warehouse

Preseason 2012: Packing Boxes

A warehouse full of supplies. Rows of red boxes. And dedicated preseason staff — like Cassie, a faculty member teaching Magic and Improv at Explo at Wellesley — getting it all packed up for summer.