EXPLO Collaborates With London's Highly-Accredited Sevenoaks School

October 29, 2018

In a small town outside of London, located at the junction of two ancient roads, sits Sevenoaks School, one of the oldest lay foundations in England. Sevenoaks was founded in 1432 — well before individuals like William Shakespeare were writing (or perhaps plagiarizing) some of the finest work in the English language. Since then, Sevenoaks has become known as one of highest ranked co-educational environments in the world, serving a diverse and talented international student body.

So, what does a small boarding school in London and an educational think tank in Boston have in common? You’d be surprised.

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Summer 2018 Brings The Annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge To EXPLO

May 11, 2018

Sometimes it just clicks and you realize you’ve grasped a revolutionary scientific theory, concept, or principle — but the moment someone asks you to explain it, you find yourself fumbling through the evidential definitions that were once clear to you just moments ago.

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Laurie Santos — Internationally-acclaimed Professor of Psychology + Cognitive Science — Joins the EXPLO Network

May 9, 2018

EXPLO is excited to welcome Laurie Santos, professor of psychology and cognitive sciences at Yale University, to our growing network of dynamic and innovative thought leaders.

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The Argument for Physical Literacy in an Increasingly Virtual World

May 3, 2018

Recently, one of my colleagues — Director of EXPLO Studio, Dave Hamilton — shared a story with me about a group of high school students he has been working with in one of Studio’s critical making courses.

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