Critical Making

Creativity and Curiosity: Universal Keys to Engaged Learning

Partnership with Agastya Foundation explores how EXPLO curriculum can support economically disadvantaged students in rural India

by Communications Staff

Demystifying College Admission

We live in an era where students are consumed by checklists: taking the SATs, navigating GPAs, and designing a schedule to fit all of their extracurriculars in any given Wednesday.

By Communications Staff

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

How can parents ensure their kids make friends that will help them flourish and grow? Choose the right environment.

by Melissa Patricio

Where Learning Mirrors Life: Teaching + Learning at EXPLO

“EXPLO embodies MIT’s motto, mens et manus, or mind + hand, echoing the ideal of promoting education for practical application. EXPLO’s motto adds spiritus — spirit and heart — capturing the joy of learning that EXPLO tries to spark with each child every summer”. — Brian Hughes, EXPLO Employee #01,...

EXPLO's Rules for Critical Making

The most innovative ideas were born under constraints. When faced with a blank canvas, you may easily be intimidated — even paralyzed — by limitless possibilities. Given a problem to solve, however, you're much more likely to find that your creative output is multiplied.

Many Paths to Engineering

What do Star Wars Lego robots, sustainable urban planning, and a complex machine designed to paint your dreams have in common? At the heart of each of these imaginative projects is a challenge to our students -- use the principles of engineering to create something extraordinary and original. We’ll...

Mindset Over Matter: Studio Team Takeaways from SXSWedu

Laser cutters. 3-D printers. Microcontrollers. Power tools. Basic requirements of a makerspace, right?

EXPLO at SXSWedu: Don't Feed the Bears!

If you hear roaring and see bears at SXSWedu this week, don’t be alarmed. You can come close to the exhibit — but please, don’t feed the bears.