Watching the news unfold about the earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan, we at Explo want to share our heartfelt condolences and support to all those affected by these tragedies.

It is impossible to comprehend and to adequately express the sorrow and outrage we feel for the suffering that has occurred in both Japan and Ecuador. We have not been able to stop thinking of our students and their families, friends, and loved ones. We hope for your safety and wish you strength during this period of grief.

We cannot fathom what those affected have lost, suffered, or witnessed over these last days, and what struggles may lie ahead. But we have been moved by the support and empathy our Explo students have been showing one another during this time, reaching out personally and through social media with prayers, poems, and words of peace and love. While we're not able to be with you on the ground, please know that we shall hold you in our hearts until we are able to meet again.

We stand with you, Explo family and friends, at this time of heartbreak in the world.