Sara Gilbert, Explo alumna and host of “The Talk” on CBS, just released a book about green living that covers a broad range of topics. “The Imperfect Environmentalist” is a useful, immediately applicable, and witty guide to a greener lifestyle.

Gilbert, a self-described environmentalist, has been passionate about living cleanly and simply since elementary school. Gilbert decided to write this book to make it easier for regular people leading busy lives to make informed, environmentally-aware decisions. “The Imperfect Environmentalist” covers an incredibly broad range of topics: "Clean Eating and Drinking," "Clean Work and Money," and, among many others, "Clean Parenting."

The structure of Gilbert’s book makes it really easy to follow, digest, and put into action. Each topic follows the same self-explanatory, 3-section sequence: 1) “Cut to the Chase, Hippie: What’s the Least I Need to Know?” 2) “Intriguing...I Can Handle a Little Bit more,” and 3) “I Need Some Facts to Bore My Friends With.” Gilbert packs a lot of information into this format and uses a good sense of humor as well as a heavy dose of shock value about what's really in everyday products to make her case. She also makes it easy to pick one area of your life to “green up,” as it were, rather than leaving the reader feeling entirely overwhelmed.

"The Imperfect Environmentalist" is a fun read on one of the world’s most important topics, with a very personal touch by an inspiring Explo alum.