Take a look at an inspiring video about an incredible metal band...made up of 7th graders.

Eleven year-old Jarad and twelve year-old Malcolm met at a birthday party when they were preschoolers. They became friends and formed a metal band called Unlocking the Truth. The band now has a third member, Alec. Together they compose music and write songs about relationships, being bullied, and other important issues in their lives.

I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing. I like doing my own thing.

Jarad, Malcom, and Alec have a passion. They pursue it fearlessly and completely. With limitless aspiration, the young band members imagine they are performing at Madison Square Garden, transporting themselves from the basement where they practice and give concerts.

Be free. Do what you want to do. Just be yourself and do what you do best.

These young men are committed to being themselves and to doing what they love. They demonstrate tremendous strength of character to forge their own path, no matter what obstacles they encounter.