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Jul 28, 2017 Emergency Medicine Trips Slideshow Academics

STRATUS Center: Test Drive Your Surgical Skills

The focus ER course visits the Brigham and Women's Hospital STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation today where they practice treating patients who are ...

Claudia Glickman

The STRATUS Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital brings hands-on learning to a whole new level, putting students in the driver's seat as they hone their surgical skills and respond to medical emergencies in lifelike simulations. 

EXPLO Emergency Medicine students practice treating "patients" — mannequins with a computer-controlled pulse, blood pressure, heart tones — to get a true taste of what it is like to assess a patient. With the STRATUS Center's state-of-the-art technology and instructors at their fingertips, students practice the proper procedures for inserting an IV, intubating, administering CPR, and splinting. 


Photos courtesy of Topaz Szewczok, Chase Williams, and Elisabeth Sepulveda. 

Claudia Glickman