At EXPLO, we work to give students real-world experience wherever possible, allowing them to take the skills they gain in our courses and apply them to authentic projects similar to scenarios they could encounter out in the world.

We’re excited to partner with a variety of individuals, companies, and other organizations to provide these opportunities. Last summer, our Marketing students took on a project with PEZ, makers of the iconic candy and dispensers. They were tasked with brainstorming new flavors for the candy and coming up with a marketing campaigned tailored to key demographics identified by the company.

As part of this assignment, students visited the PEZ Candy North American Headquarters in Orange, Conn. Students got a behind-the-scenes look at candy making and product development before meeting with the PEZ marketing team. 

After refining their campaigns, students pitched ideas to a panel of PEZ employees. The project developed skills essential to successful marketing, including consumer research, branding, creative concepting, and public speaking.

Check out the Marketing in the Digital Age course description for more information.