“Most Likely to Succeed” has been heralded as the “best film ever done on the topic of school.” And on Monday, October 19 at 7:00pm, we invite you to watch it with us. Check out the details below.

Come Join Us!

On Monday, October 19 at 7:00pm, we invite you to join us at Newton North High School (in Newton, MA) for a free screening of the acclaimed documentary, Most Likely to Succeed, a film that explores the triumphs and challenges of a project-based approach to learning.

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Seating is limited. Please click the link below to reserve your spot!

Eventbrite - "Most Likely To Succeed" Film Screening + Discussion with Dr. Pasi Sahlberg

About the Film: A Synopsis

For most of the last century, entry-level jobs were plentiful, and college was an affordable path to a fulfilling career. That world no longer exists. The feature-length documentary Most Likely to Succeed examines the history of education, revealing the growing shortcomings of our school model in todayʼs innovative world. The film has been named “among the best edu-documentaries ever produced” by Education Week, and called a “smart and engaging look at education in the 21st century” by The Hollywood Reporter. Most Likely To Succeed, a film by award-winning documentarian Greg Whiteley, was an official selection of the 2015 Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals.

"Most Likely To Succeed is the best film ever done on the topic of school — both its past and its future. The film inspires its audiences with a sense of purpose and possibility, and is bringing school communities together in re-imagining what our students and teachers are capable of doing. Run, don’t walk, to bring this film to your school. After seeing this film, you’ll never look at school the same way again."

Most Likely to Succeed Trailer from One Potato Productions on Vimeo.

Screening Details:
  • What: A screening of Most Likely to Succeed followed by a discussion with Dr. Pasi Sahlberg
  • Where:Newton North High School (The theater entrance at Newton High is on Elm Rd.)
  • When: Monday, October 19, 2015. Program begins at 7:00pm; doors open at 6:30pm.
  • Cost: Free + open to the public
  • RSVP: Click the link below to reserve your seat!

Eventbrite - "Most Likely To Succeed" Film Screening + Discussion with Dr. Pasi Sahlberg

Please Note: Most Likely To Succeed is 89 minutes long. The film is appropriate for adults, and interested high school and middle school students.

Following the Screening

Directly after the film screening, educator, author, and scholar Dr. Pasi Sahlberg, will moderate a discussion about the themes explored in Most Likely to Succeed.

The worst enemy of curiosity is standardization." — Dr. Pasi Sahlberg

About Dr. Pasi Sahlberg
A Finnish educator, author, and scholar, Dr. Pasi Sahlberg has worked as a school teacher, teacher educator, researcher, and policy advisor in Finland and has studied education systems and reforms around the world. His expertise includes school improvement, international education issues, classroom teaching and learning, and school leadership. His bestselling book, Finnish Lessons 2.0: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? (Series on School Reform), won the 2013 Grawemeyer Award. He is a former Director General of CIMO (Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation) at Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture in Helsinki and is currently a visiting Professor of Practice at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Additional Resources

We hope the film screening will inspire you to think more about the future of education, and advocate for positive change in your community. Below are three books we recommend if you are interested in digging deeper into the themes of Most Likely To Succeed:

Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era
Written by Tony Wagner and Most Likely To Succeed executive producer Ted Dintersmith, Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era functions as a natural a companion piece to the film, focused on tangible strategies for addressing "the disconnect between schools and an increasingly innovative world."

Finnish Lessons 2.0: What can the world learn from educational change in Finland
An updated version of Sahlberg's original account, Finnish Lessons 2.0 takes you deeper into the process of how Finland created a groundbreaking educational system based on educational equity, teacher development, and community-school integration.

World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students
Professor Yong Zhao's World Class Learners lifts the veil on how parents and teachers can inspire students to develop independent thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Professor Zhao is a member of Explo's Curriculum Advisory Board.