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Dec 15, 2018 Conversation Student Life Grades 8-10

Meet Nathaniel from France

This future French delegate shares how learning about diplomacy and international relations in his Model U.N. course have shaped his time at EXPLO and helped him see the world through a more global lens.

Jaryd Frankel

Nathaniel, with knack for international affairs, discusses how thinking critically from different global perspectives can widen your community  — for more diverse friendships, unexpected conversations, and a place to stay if you ever find yourself halfway around the world.  

I’d have to say that my most memorable course is my Model U.N. course. It’s truly incredible. In it, we debate about political and global issues around the world. It’s really fun and I’m learning so much about the world. The room is shaped like the way the real U.N. is, and you have delegates from countries I've never even heard of. We debate about global health, immigration and emigration, nuclear power, energy in the U.S. and China — all these big topics! I think it’s cool how much we are learning about different political issues around the world. Specifically, I am learning a lot about how the United Nations itself works and I learned about the positive and negative sides of globalization. In the course, we learn to think critically and think from different perspectives and ideas around the world. I’m not sure what I want to do when I grow up yet, but I hope I can use all the things that I learned this summer at EXPLO.

At EXPLO, I’ve made friends from around the world; people from America, China, India, the U.K. — even some people from France too! In a way, I think EXPLO itself is like its own Model U.N. You have people from around the world who you can talk about anything with and you learn about all these new ideas you’ve never really thought about before. I will definitely stay in touch with all my friends after EXPLO is over. Best of all, I have friends all over the world now, so I can visit them and they can visit me in France even after the summer is over.

Welcome to the EXPLO Neighborhood! Each summer and throughout the year, we have conversations with students, staff members, and alumni to learn more about their interests, strengths, talents, and perspectives on the world of people and ideas. We hope these Neighborhood Profiles offer you a glimpse into the vibrant EXPLO community of more than 80,000 individuals from around the globe who are constantly investigating, questioning, discovering, debating, understanding, and, of course, exploring. 

Jaryd Frankel