Grant Goodman loves computers; so much so, he launched his own startup last year, creating three iOS apps and getting to test out Google Glass in the process. Here, he shares what drives him, what he loves about Explo, and what he's looking forward to learning as an Explo Startup student this summer.

Post-Summer Update
Grant, an Explo Alum, was an Explo Startup student this past summer and Explo at Wellesley in 2013. As one of his generation's "software prodigies," Grant, who has attended both the Apple Developer Conference as an Apple Scholarship winner as well as the Google I/O Conference this past June, was just featured in The Wall Street Journal. According to Grant, "If you start young, you will have an advantage over people who start in their 20s. Your brain has more plasticity when you're younger."

What was your experience like attending Explo this past summer?
My experience was amazing at Explo this past summer. I had two great roommates. One was from China, the other was from Russia, and by the end of the session, we had all become close friends. It was great to learn about life in other countries. I do keep in touch with several people I have met at Explo. My courses were very enriching and absolutely fantastic. I love how the classes challenge you, but you are so busy having fun that you don’t realize how much you are learning!

It's great that you had such a wonderful Explo experience! Tell me more about your courses. Are there any that stand out?
My favorite course at Explo so far would be Neuropsychology & Misdirection. It was very engaging, and I learned about how the mind can be tricked into believing things that aren’t even real with optical illusions and other “tricks.” It was a very fun course.

I cannot imagine my summers without coming to Explo. It is an incredible experience and I look forward to it every year.

What prompted you to apply to an Explo Focus Program this year?
After attending the Explo 360 program for two summers, I decided to make the jump to Explo Startup because I started my own software company last year and I wanted to learn how to run a successful business. I am looking forward to taking the skills I learn from Explo Startup and applying them to my company and future business dealings.

That’s awesome. What inspired you to launch your own company?
I have always been fascinated with computers. I think it is so cool that a computer can do so many things for people. The things that computers can do are limitless! Because of my interest in computers, I decided I wanted to create my own programs. I started programming around the age of 9, but I really got serious about app development around age 12. Last summer, I started my own company; Macster Software Incorporation (

It isn’t easy to juggle school and being a developer, but it is my passion and I love it.

Incredible! We’re really enjoying your apps, and can’t wait to see what you’ll create next. So...are you excited to come back to Explo this summer?
I can’t wait to come back to Explo this summer! It will be my third summer, and I cannot imagine my summers without coming to Explo. It is an incredible experience and I look forward to it every year.

Be sure to check out Grant Goodman's three free iOS apps. The first, called Stainless Browser, is a web browser utility that's 42% faster than Apple's ‘Safari’ mobile browser. It also archives web pages, Grant says, so switching between pages is super fast. The second app, called Prodigus (which means extravagant in Latin), is a YouTube browser that's over 21% faster than Google's "YouTube" app, and never displays advertisements. Grant's third app is for Google Glass: it displays how much battery life is left.