Making Summer Meaningful: EXPLO and Beyond [VIDEO]

February 14, 2018


For more than 40 years, EXPLO has created remarkable teaching and learning experiences that inspire curiosity and encourage young people to embark on a lifelong journey of turning over stones, taking healthy risks, and pursuing that which they only ever imagined.


See Full-Length Version of the Video
The above video is a shortened version of a 12-minute video that we play at our national Info Meetings
 The full-length version features additional interviews, footage, and details about our programs. If you can't make it to one of our info meetings, click here to see the full-length version.

Each summer, EXPLO welcome students from more than 40 states and 70 countries to our campuses where we explore the world of people and ideas, and celebrate the differences that bring us together as a community. These bright young people — including Title IX advocates, disaster relief activitstspresidential honorees — go on to become Forbes 30 Under 30 winners, nonprofit founders, world-class doctors and researchers, and leaders that push the boundaries of knowledge, understanding, and even the universe as we know it!

What connects us all is an insatiable drive to explore; a shared desire to be lifelong learners. Countless of our 75,000 alumni say that EXPLO was the match that lit the fire to pursue their purpose — and that in many cases, they uncovered that purpose in their time at EXPLO. So no matter which of our 18 programs you join, whether you are 7 or 17, EXPLO is far more than your standard academic enrichment program. EXPLO is where you discover by doing. Where you find those things that move your spirit. Where you are encouraged to act on your talents so that you may create a life of purpose and meaning.

Your summer of spirited adventure — and a lifetime of daring and courage — starts at EXPLO.

By Communications Staff

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