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Dec 18, 2017 Exploration Programs Video EXPLO Today

At EXPLO, Students Learn to Live with Daring and Courage

EXPLO students learn the skills it takes to lead lives rich with daring and courage. They go on to thrive as innovators and leaders in myriad fields.

Communications Staff


We could continue to tell you all of the amazing things we love about EXPLO, but our students and alumni really tell our story best. 

The strength of EXPLO is that whoever you think you are when you walk in, when you walk out you will have discovered so many more things about yourself. You're pushing horizons.

Like filmmaker, podcaster, and founder of Geekscape, Jonathan London, who says:

Or Christopher Streat, an undergraduate at Emerson College who came back to EXPLO in 2017 as an instructor. Christopher stepped out of his comfort zone as an EXPLO student and discovered a latent talent for improvisational acting:

And entrepreneur Sarah Law, whose KARA handbags brand landed her on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Sarah says:

Students discover so much when they explore the world of people and ideas at EXPLO. They find friendships that last a lifetime. They learn the value

EXPLO is the place where you get to meet your future self. And the more afraid you are to go to EXPLO because of how boundless it seems, the more important it is to go. Because EXPLO is the first thing that taught me I can literally do anything. 

of curiosity and how to thrive in a community with diverse perspectives that will both challenge and reinforce their own. 

At EXPLO, students learn to live with daring and courage.

Don't just take our word for it — get connected to a reference family who can share their candid account of what a summer at EXPLO is like.

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Communications Staff

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