Planning your child's summer can be a daunting task. Whether it's scheduling daily childcare, keeping their skills sharp, or fitting in the family vacation, summer is a puzzle that many parents tell us they struggle to put together. And for most of them, the goal is the same: to ensure their kids have summer experiences that are both meaningful and fun.

But what does that mean — making summer meaningful? Here at EXPLO, we think summer should be a time for kids to get off the hamster wheel of school and explore their interests with the right balance of fun and freedom to choose what they want to try. That may mean cobbling together a variety of camp experiences — specialized sports camps, academic programs, or travel — or finding a hybrid program that offers a range of opportunities for kids to try. In this roundtable conversation, our panel of experts talk through some of the challenges families face when choosing a summer program for their children, and how attending a summer program can help students develop a sense of self, learn how to make good choices, and build confidence for the future.

Below are chapter markers within the video to get a sense of what the panel covered in their conversation:










Making Summer Meaningful: Defined

Defining Yourself

Practice Making Choices

Building Confidence

Structured Freedom

Fun is Important

Transformational Experiences

Authentic Connections

Final Thoughts

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