One of the tasks given to students during House Pump Up was as follows: develop a House Castle using cardboard, general supplies, tape, and scissors to be voted on by a panel of judges for house points. With the house rankings still very much in flux, the House Pump Up tasks could powerfully establish a house as a frontrunner for the House Cup. The pressure was on, but Javier and the Boulders were up for the challenge. Keep reading for a glimpse into the boulder-building process and an image of the final product!

How would you describe the House Pump Up challenge you were a part of to our readers?

Honestly, I don't know how to describe it! It was mostly just us messing around, and, eventually, we kind of formed a plan. A good chunk of people were taking care of the lip-sync video, and the other half of us were either making the house flags or making the boulder. We had like 15 people working on the boulder.

How did you come up with the idea to create your own boulder?

Originally, it started as a joke between me and a few of my other hallmates. We were like: "Okay, so we need to build a fort. Let's make it a boulder." Like the Patrick Starr boulder from Spongebob — that was the basis. And we got the idea for a weather vane, and I spent literally 15 minutes inside of the boulder trying to hold it together.

And you were only able to use certain materials?

Yes — we saw what the Comets were doing, and it appears they may have gotten some extra materials, which feels a little unfair... But, you know, we did our best with what we had.

And the winner will receive some house points?

We spent like an hour and a half working on it, so I really hope it gets us points!

It seemed like there was some great Boulder collaboration going on.

It was honestly surprising — not all of us live on the same floor or anything, but we're all technically part of the Boulder House, and it worked out well.

Anything else you want to share about your boulder-making experience?

It isn't great that people are threatening to destroy it — not great! But, you know, I'm very protective of that boulder.

For those of you on the edges of your seats waiting for word on whether the Boulders' boulder pulled through and won the House Castle challenge, the judges have not yet declared a winner, so we'll have to leave you hanging for now. However, in the humble opinion of this web journalist, the Boulders certainly deserve commendation for their teamwork, architectural prowess, and creativity.