Rising seventh grader Wafi loves a challenge, whether it's solving a difficult mathematical equation or adapting to life away from his family at EXPLO. He is determined to make the most of his experience here so that he can depart in three weeks proud of all he has accomplished. 

I have come to EXPLO to become better and stronger. Here, I feel like I’ve had improvement. Back home, I don’t really move as much. All day here we are doing different things; my whole body feels tired, but there’s a benefit to it —  both physically and mentally. 

Teaching at EXPLO is different from school at home. We try a lot of different things, and we get rewarded when we do well. In my Math Challenges class, we get marbles when we solve a problem. When we fill a jar with them, at the end of the week we get a pie to eat. I don’t really even like pie, but it’s so exciting! Sometimes the question is hard, and it takes a lot to solve it, so when you do you feel excited and happy.

One of my goals is to finish EXPLO feeling happy. It will mean a lot to me when I reach that goal, because I’m missing home and my mom, and I will have achieved something that needs hard work and time and energy. When you finish a long-term goal, the best feeling will come to you.