Tim has hit the ground running during his first week at EXPLO, making strides in his classes, Wilderness Survival and Theater Special Effects while making plenty of new friends along the way.

What did you do during your elective today?

Well, I'm in Theater Special Effects and my favorite part is putting everything on. So today I put on a lot of glass wounds because they are easy to put on and they look really cool. I also put on some cuts and bruises and I forgot to wash it off so there's some left over.

What has been your favorite part of the schedule so far?

Hmm, I guess floor time because you can hang out with your floor and have some free time during the day. 

What's your favorite aspect of your first week at EXPLO?

I'll say the food, I mean nobody can disagree the food's amazing.

What's a hobby you enjoy at home that you'd like to continue at EXPLO?

I really enjoy scale modeling! You take something from the real world and shrink it in a model to be like 64x smaller, 72x smaller. Stuff like that.