From her Team Building course to free time on the quad, rising fifth grader Sabrie Pearl has found a community at EXPLO to grow as a leader and a friend.

My mom says I’m strong. She says, “don’t be a follower, be a leader!” She tells me to be myself, to do things the way I think is right. I’m taking Team Building and Leadership Skills because I want to be able to work together with people. If people need help, it’s a big thing to be able to support them and have them support you. It’s a big thing to be part of a team, because it means there are people out there for you, and you don’t have to feel alone.

The greatest thing I’ve done at EXPLO is make new friends. It actually has been easy to make friends here, because you’re interacting with people on the quad and doing so many activities with others. It’s only my third day here, but it’s kind of like my comfort zone now. I have more friends here than I have at school, and it’s nice being about to spend time with both people your age and people older than you. Even though it’s my first time sleeping over at a camp, it’s actually pretty special. If you get homesick, you have a roommate to talk to.