Ruby is in her second year at EXPLO. Hailing from Iowa, Ruby is an avid sports fan. 

What did you do during your for-a-day weekend activity?

I did the EXPLO Makerspace, maker-for-a-day workshop. I tried to make a birdhouse, but the roof got kind of messed up.

What was your favorite part about your first week at EXPLO this session?

Probably meeting all of the people here and also the variety of all the activities and how many things we get to do.

What course/elective do you look forward to most?

For an elective, I'm going to say either Archery or Cupcake Decorating. For courses, I'm really looking forward to EXPLO Makerspace, and Improv too.

What's a hobby you do at home that you'd like to get better at while you're here?

I really like sports, so playing catch with the football and playing wall ball.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I'm going to say either New Zealand because it's a really great country and I also have some relatives there, or Scotland because it's really pretty and I went there once and there were a lot of goats in the area that I went.