Oliver is entering his fifth summer at EXPLO, and applies the lessons he learns here to his maker projects at home. He's excited to be an Ambassador and help new EXPLO students make the most of their experience.

As soon as I got the letter that said I could apply to be an Ambassador, I got really excited and told my mom. I was excited for the experience, to help others, and for the three weeks. An Ambassador has an important duty to help others that are having a hard time at EXPLO and make them feel welcome so that they are ready for the EXPLO experience, because sometimes first-timers can be a bit nervous or anxious and it’s our job to make them feel better and ready.

During all three of my Mini years, I took the Get Creative class, which was a lot of fun because we got to work with all different kinds of engineering. We made chocolate bars, we made cardboard arcades, and it was just a lot of fun because we got to learn how gears work and how to make a certain mechanism using certain patterns and cuts. At home, I’m currently working on a zipline to transport messages. It’s in the first stages so it falls apart a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to create anything like that if I hadn’t had taken the class at EXPLO.

My mom said that maybe I should try a few other camps, but I said that I think I really like EXPLO right now and I really don’t want to try any other camps except for EXPLO.