Rising sixth-grader Myles is back at Wheaton for his fourth summer, ready to mentor younger students as an EXPLO Ambassador. He also hopes to connect to others in his living group by playing a classic card game with a team-building twist!

Being an Ambassador at EXPLO might teach me how to answer questions in a way that makes sense to people younger than me. There
was a time near the end of the school year when the whole fifth grade got letters from the people in fourth grade, asking about what middle school was like. They came to our school building and we got to hang out and go outside with them. It was a way to meet new people that I didn’t know, and I could explain to them what it was like in fifth grade, and what they might need to know or learn. It felt good to be a mentor to others; it made me feel smart.

As a day student at EXPLO, I got to know the people in my hall better when I slept over with them. We ended up formulating a team way of playing UNO. You can show each other on your team your cards, and if they put their last card down you could give them some of your cards and they could keep playing. All of us came up with one rule each to play this way. Playing and winning with someone else instead of alone, I felt like I accomplished more. It wasn’t me trying to beat everyone else, it’s me trying to help someone else win with me. I want to teach the game to my hall this year.