Sixth grade student Luisa is challenging herself by living and learning through English, which is not her native language. Although she may make mistakes along the way, she is not afraid to express herself to her EXPLO community. 

It is difficult to come here from Brazil, because I am alone and everyone knows how to speak English very well. I have made Brazilian friends here, and I know a lot of people are feeling how I am feeling. But the best things I’ve done here are making friends and be myself. I have made friends from other places — California, Boston, China.

At EXPLO I can be me. I don’t need to change because here everybody respects each other. My friends and I talk about what we liked and didn’t like in our day, and I can be myself and say whatever I want. Even when I make a mistake, everybody helps me, and nobody laughs at me. EXPLO is a place for you to learn, and if you make mistakes it is fine.