Ben and Eli are in their first and second years at EXPLO and have become best buds since meeting on their floors (although they think they've seen each other at the mall before). 

What are you up to during your floor time?

Ben: We were just watching Eli's brother solve a Rubik's Cube.

Eli: I was just thinking about my parents and my dog. I like doing that. 

Ben: Sometimes I think about my sister, even though I hate her.

Eli: But inside you know you love her. 

Ben: Yeah.

What courses and electives are you taking?

Eli: We're both in Archery and Treehouse Architecture this week.

What did you do in Treehouse Architecture today?

Ben: Well we work together on our treehouse, so today we were building a couch to go inside of our treehouse and the frame of the treehouse. It's a hockey-themed treehouse.

Eli: And in Archery, we're both on the same team. I almost hit inside of the bullseye.

Ben: Same, I got a bullseye yesterday.

How are you liking EXPLO so far this session?

Eli: It's really good, the people are really nice.

Ben: Yeah, I really like it, even though it would be better without covid.

What are your hobbies?

Eli: I like playing outside and going in my treehouse and riding my bike. But I'm mostly on my iPad.

Ben: I like to play video games and hang out with my friends.