Asha is entering her third year at EXPLO, including one summer in the Veterinary Science Focus program. Like a lot of students, Asha may be shy at first — but as she gets to know people, she becomes more comfortable and excited. Her goal as an Ambassador this summer is to help students like her so they can make the most of their EXPLO experience.

I want to be a vet when I’m older because I love animals. Last year I took the vet Focus program and I learned how to help animals by doing CPR and making casts and splints. And we learned facts about them — like how a fracture is the same thing as a break. We also made prosthetics for the animals.

This year, I’m excited to meet new people. I’m kind of shy, but as I get to know people I get more excited. As an Ambassador, I’m going to be friendly to everyone because they might not be as comfortable here [right away]. Everybody is really nice here, so it’s easy because they’re supportive and you feel comfortable really fast. You spend lots of time with everyone here and get to know them fast. I’m going to be really helpful and if people have questions I’m going to answer them!